CMS Logo Redesign

Cinema Makeup School

Tasked with redesigning the school’s logo to be more up to date, cleaner in design and have the ability to change over time (similar to Starbucks – each year shifting slightly until end result is the final logo)

Old Logo:

Old logo design was based off of the beauty to beast concept. This logo is used for a makeup school where they train the next generation of artists in both beauty and special makeup effects. The logo’s purpose is to showcase that transformation and has for the past 15 years, until now. Clients wanted to keep the same brand colors, base guidelines and concept in the new iteration. 

Logo Re-Design Variations

Design Option 1

This design variation took a quite literal approach to the “beauty to beast” concept. This is the most ornate logo design suggested – under the parameters of a flat design. This logo showcases a woman’s face that reflects the Art Nouveau style – which is showcased throughout the school’s campus – since it is located in a historic building built in the 1930s. 

Design Option 2

This design direction was geared more to classic as well as new-age horror – a vampire/demon as the beast. This brings in the fangs and horns that were present in the old logo, but in a new twist. The face silhouettes are no longer symmetrical – the open mouth of the vampire adds a more charged feel to this logo- pushing the “beauty to beast” messaging. 

Design Option 3

This is the most docile of the logo designs, it is recreating the traditional logo with more detail and cleaner flat design. This version is a very slight brand change – many won’t notice initially but it is much cleaner and more “realistic” than the older clip-art version. 

Design 3 Was Selected for the Final Logo

The owner of the school would like to morph this logo design slowly over time into “Design 2”. Yearly changes will be made such as opening the mouth wider and wider, adjusting the angle of the demon head etc, until we reach the final logo design (D2). Currently D3 is being implemented on all printed and digital marketing materials. 

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