High Speed Toner Promo Box

Pulp Riot

Promotional Box designed and shipped out to lists of hundreds of professional artists in order to prompt engagement with customers, provide new product, formulas or color for artists to test, review and create content out of that may be, in turn leveraged as additional social media marketing assets. These boxes are sent out every 2 months promoting a color, line or feature of one of Pulp Riot’s many products and are customized for each marketing purpose.

This box was made to highlight the new Pulp Riot High Speed Toner Shade, Dirty Pink. 


  • 3 Pulp Riot High Speed Toners – Platinum Pearl, Lilac and Dirty Pink
  • 3 Custom formula mix cards
  • 1 Custom Sticker with new shade logo
  • 2 Pulp Hair Clips
  • 2 Model Images
  • Content Crew Instructions

Promo Box Assets & Process

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